[Drink black tea or green tea for weight loss]_Black tea_Slimming_Benefits

[Drink black tea or green tea for weight loss]_Black tea_Slimming_Benefits

In fact, many people have heard of drinking tea to lose weight, but you must pay attention to the right choice of these tea drinks to lose weight. In fact, black tea has a better weight loss effect, because black tea contains caffeine, which can effectively break down into adulthood.people.

1. Caffeine enhances fat burning power Black tea contains caffeine, which can break down trace amounts, and decompose the accumulated body fat into the blood, so that the fat burning power during exercise is doubled.

Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, which can stimulate the kidneys, enlarge blood vessels, increase water metabolism, and discharge excess water and old waste.

Caffeine relaxation activates gastric secretion and promotes digestion, but those with poor stomachs should be careful not to replace the excess!

2. Theaflavin and theaflavin warm-up black tea undergoes a fermentation process. After the original catechins are oxidized, they are converted into theaflavin and theaflavin, which can warm the body and prevent cardiovascular diseases.Effect, and the sweetness of black tea is warm, and the burden on the stomach is not so large, but the tea is still irritating and needs to be transferred moderately.

3. Principles of weight loss of green tea Green tea contains aromatic compounds, which can dissolve slightly, remove turbidity and greasiness, and prevent traces of accumulation in the body. The vitamin B1, vitamin C and caffeine contained in it can promote gastric secretion and help digestion and fat elimination;Drinking green tea can also increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrition and transformation, strengthen microcirculation, and reduce unfortunate deposits.

Theophylline and theophylline in green tea can reduce a small amount of accumulation and have no damaging effect on probiotics inside the human body.

4. Catechin helps to relieve tiredness and fat. In the case of eliminating caffeine, catechin in tea can also promote metabolism and continue to help light metabolism.

Catechin is a source of astringent taste of green tea.

In fact, both green tea and black tea contain catechins, but it is currently believed that the content of catechins in fermented green tea is higher in tea leaves.

Catechin can enhance the production of thermal energy, promote slight oxidation and a 24-hour scattering loss rate, stimulate the slight coexistence and inhibit the activity of pancreatic lipolytic enzymes.

Drinking a cup of green tea after the top can prevent the blood sugar from rising rapidly and reduce the secretion of hormones that help the aunt hoard.

5. Lowering blood pressure and hypertension Tannic acid in green tea has a very obvious effect on lowering blood pressure, which can not only suppress the increase in blood pressure, but also reduce the hypertension.

Studies have also pointed out that tannic acid can eliminate excess plasma in the blood, can control the development rate of arteriosclerosis to a minimum, and also help prevent cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

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