[Can you eat bananas when you get angry]_Can you eat them?

[Can you eat bananas when you get angry]_Can you eat them?

It can be said that bananas are one of the foods that are most likely to catch fire in our lives, because many people choose to eat bananas when they are constipated. The taste of bananas is also relatively good. Bananas are a unique fruit in the southern region. After bananas mature,Its storage period is relatively short, it must be eaten quickly in a short period of time, so as not to deteriorate the banana, so can I eat bananas on fire?

Banana is a kind of fruit that modern people love to see. Many people like to eat bananas, knowing that after eating bananas, they can pass the laxative effect.

But too many people don’t actually know that there are some public bananas that are suitable for those people.

This article will explain in detail whether eating bananas is on fire or on fire.

Eating bananas to get angry is to reduce the fire. Bananas are cold and sweet. Their nutritional value has been recorded in ancient books. The effects include clearing heat and detoxifying, intestinal laxative, lungs and cough, lowering blood pressure and nourishing effects. They are high-quality fruits.Cheap and good.

Bananas are beneficial fruits rich in starch.

It is cold and sweet, which can clear the heat and moisten the intestines and promote gastrointestinal motility, but those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea are not suitable.

According to the principle of “hot people cold”, it is most suitable for hot people to accept.

Those who have hemorrhoids and bleeding, and those who have uneasy fetal movements due to hotness, can eat banana meat raw.

Eating a banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can provide the body with rich potassium, which reduces the chance of brain blood clots by about 21%.

Bananas are suitable for people who want to live longer, and are suitable for all ages.

Its suitable fever, dry mouth and thirst, laryngeal cancer, dry stools are difficult to resolve, hemorrhoids, rhinorrhea, blood in stools, cancer patients and radiotherapy, after eating chemotherapy; suitable for upper gastrointestinal ulcers, tuberculosis, refractory dry cough;It is suitable for those who drink too much alcohol and who haven’t solved the problem; suitable for those with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis; meanwhile, it has good effects on constipation, indigestion and other symptoms; suitable for mild and toxic indigestion who can eat bananasIf it ‘s hot, everyone can try it, so that you can get the effect of removing the fire. Do n’t eat the banana blindly and eat it blindly, because bananas can cause constipation.The phenomenon of eating bananas can be combined with other foods to help you get rid of the fire. It is best to drink more water during the period.

Through the introduction of this article, you can know that eating bananas can have a good fire reduction effect in the axial direction.

As a person who likes eating bananas, the last step is to actively read this article to know the role of bananas and what are the people who are suitable for bananas, so you can know if you are suitable for bananas.

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